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Cat Pinwheel Toy Sucker Leaky Ball

Cat Pinwheel Toy Sucker Leaky Ball

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  • Wheel windmill toy - When the cat gently pushes the toy, the main body of the toy can be rotated 360° horizontally through the driving of the connecting rod. The hollow transparent balls on both sides of the toy's main body can also be used by the fixed rod. Freely rotate 360° in the horizontal direction, and a high-content catnip ball is placed in the hollow transparent ball. The catnip ball will beat irregularly to speed up the smell of the catnip ball.
  • Leaking food function - The main body of the toy is designed with a wheel granary. When the cat touches the wheel, the wheel will rotate quickly, and the cat food will fall through the leaking hole on the wheel as a reward for the cat when playing. Attracting the cat’s interest can also increase the cat’s IQ. A soft rubber stopper is designed on the runner granary. The cat food or snacks can be added directly by removing the rubber stopper.
  • Original cat stick design - The new original cat cat cat stick design on the top. The wavy soft cat stick has higher toughness and is softer and stronger. The cat can swing freely, which increases the cat’s love for this toy.
  • Powerful suction cup design - The bottom of the toy is designed with a large suction cup, which can be sucked on the ground, doors and windows, etc., and can be sucked horizontally or vertically. It is suitable for the living environment of all kinds of cats.
  • Rugged and durable - The toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS and TPR materials, which will not be damaged by the cat. It can be used for a long time or can be used with multiple cats. Long-term use of this toy can increase the cat’s IQ and relieve its boredom. anxiety.

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