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Christmas Decorations String Lights

Christmas Decorations String Lights

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This String is Battery style. But it is without a battery because of some delivery rules, please understand.
Battery style needs an AAA battery.
Made of high-quality material, durable for daily use.
Continuous work through Battery box.
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Long lifespan: more than 50000 hours.
Easy to decorate your Home, your Life, Christmas, Party, etc.

Specifications:1-20m ordinary plug-in type/remote control plug-in type/normal battery type/battery remote control type/USB type
Power supply: The battery type uses 3 AA batteries and the plug-in type household 220V socket
Material:1.6mm thick transparent wire, 0.06 watts LED lamp beads, plastic stars/hairballs
Size:3 cm diameter of fur balls, 3 cm diameter of stars
Nursing: Just wipe with a dry towel

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